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Mac idiot asking for help


I've been using Debian (i386) for a year and I would like to try putting
it on an Apple PowerPC. I have a few questions:
- is it stable enough? I don't need a very stable system just one that
doesn't send the users "unexpected" error messages and phenomena too often
because "normal" users (not linux experts) are also going use it.
- I have to preserve the current System Something partition, is it
possible to install it on a separate partition?
- or on the same one?
- it there a program similar to Partition Magic on Macs? I need to divide
the existing partition.
- I haven't really used Macs so far so I'm not a Mac expert, I just want
Linux running on it. Can the list help me or is it too busy (because as
far as I know you're busy developing the debian ppc distribution).

Thank you in advance,


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