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Re: Apt dies in configure (slang problem).

At 12:46 -0700 1998-09-01, Rob Browning wrote:
>Joel Klecker <jk@espy.org> writes:
>> It doesn't have powerpc support (of all the emacsen, only xemacs20
>> has any powerpc support). I have patches from the linuxppc SRPMs in
>> my home directory on master for emacs 19 and 20.
>OK, I'm looking over your patches (for 20.2-7.1).

The Debian diff there is just something I forgot to delete.

The patches in ~espy/emacs-powerpc-patches/ (just emacs-20.2-ppc.patch
should be needed, though it has some patches that don't appear to be
entirely powerpc-specific), are what you should work from.

>I noticed that there are a bunch of changes to configure with no
>corresponding changes to configure.in.  Do you know if there a
>suitable version of autoconf and a set of changes to configure.in that
>produces the correct ./configure or was this just a hand edit?

I'm guessing it's a hand edit. I just applied emacs-20.2-ppc.patch, edited
debian/changelog, did debian/rules clean and cd .. ;dpkg-source -b
Joel Klecker (aka Espy)
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