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Re: Status of Debian on the PowerMacs?

On Thu, Aug 20, 1998 at 05:19:55PM -0500, Rob Browning wrote:
> [ I posted this to debian-devel, but should have posted it here...]
> I've got a friend who's finally going to get around to trying out
> Linux, and the machine he's got available is a 7500 with RedHat
> installed.  I'd like for him to get started with Debian, and I'm
> willing to go to some trouble to get the machine converted over.
> I wanted to see how much trouble this was likely to be, and where I
> need to start.  What pieces do we still lack?

The easiest way will be if he has a free partition.  Untar the base
tarball which is probably lying in incoming somewhere onto that
partition, set it as root (Use nvsetenv boot-file 'whereverkernelis
root=/dev/sdxx').  Then mount the partition with the .debs, or fetch
them by hand - is ftp in the tarball?  Should be fairly clean.  Kinda.

Hopefully, an installer is in the works...

> FWIW Dan "drow <drow@mars.abcinternet.net>" had spoken to me a while
> back about this, but mail to that address bounces now.

Sorry, that internet provider belly-upped on me.  Use drow@false.org or
dan@debian.org (or dmj@andrew.cmu.edu if you want to force me to read
it in pine :()


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