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Re: egcs 1.03 m68k -> ppc cross compiler.

> > Should i build one for you? I mean the kernel not the cross-compiler :-)
> huh, ...
> it is a special apus kernel, there is a patch (that only i have since it got erased from 
> ftp server) against the linux-m68k 2.1.90 kernel.

Ups, hmmm what need you: a m68k kernel or a ppc kernel for your apus? 

My medusa (atari/68040) isn't uptodate (and some ide probs). 

You come to Oldenburg? With your apus system? Geert and Roman will be there and i, so
i hope enough man-power to make some big points!

On my todo list for Oldenburg:

- cross-compiler (powerpc->m68k, powerpc<->i386)
- floppy support for chrp
- merging mac-fdisk & ppc-fdisk (for msdos) with the intel fdisk and cfdisk
- boot-floppies
- building cdrom (autobooting?? does OF could this?)
- image for OF (to click and start linux)
- quik and/or lilo for all powerpc (depends on the partition format, msdos or hfs)
  easier with only one fdisk
- getting mozilla to work (the powerpc maintainer doesn't responce for now on mozillas server)
- fully support for fbset (mainly geert and franky)
- working on the last (now) ~500 missing packages 

To much for three days :-)

The debian egcs package makes always trouble (the config.if script is it!), glibc is
now very good. 



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