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Re: egcs 1.03 m68k -> ppc cross compiler.

> Should i build one for you? I mean the kernel not the cross-compiler :-)

huh, ...

it is a special apus kernel, there is a patch (that only i have since it got erased from 
ftp server) against the linux-m68k 2.1.90 kernel.

if you are willing to compile me one, with the chown/lchown thing corrected, it would be nice,
but i will need a cross compiler anyway to do some kernel hacking, to make the newest kernels
working on my hardware.

the egcs 1.03 cross compiler didn't build, there was some problems during the runtime library pass,
in libio. i didn't understand anything of it, the compiler complained about exceptions ???
I think i don't need c++ to build kernels ? or to cross compile egcs ? maybee i don't have the right
compiler installed on my m68k box. just or something.

anyway, i will have another try at it, and if it don't work, i will complain to the egcs list.

or maybee i should upgrade my linux-m68k to debian/slink?



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