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Black screen when booting OF

On my PowerMacintosh 5500/275, when going into open firmware screen I only
got a very dark screen.
I've foundsome pokes to get the correct contrast and brightness value to
the screen (the 5500 is an all in one macintosh).

I would like to know if there was a version of quik that would correctly
set the contrast and brightness values of my screen device.

In open firware, the thing to do is :
cpoke 0a7 0f3000032
cpoke 093 0f3000033
cpoke 03c 0f300003a

it's a bit long to type this each time I reboot....
If I don't I even not able under linux to have good values for the screen.
On linux ppc (around 1.1.113 kernel) I tried to patchthe kernel myself
unsuccessfully (I missed something...)


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