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Re: Debian make my G3 go!

At 12:02 -0700 1998-08-15, Dan Jacobowitz wrote:
>On Sat, Aug 15, 1998 at 10:45:33AM -0700, Craig R. Sadler wrote:
>>  I was able to install the base-powerpc files from the tar file on a G3 333
>> MT and boot using the 2.1.115 kernel from Paul Mackerras. I tried building
>> the kernel from kernel.org, but, I had no luck.
>IIRC, the powerpc code is still not completely merged into Linus's
>kernels.  You'll need to set up CVS and get the linux source from
>vger.rutgers.edu; the README.CVS is somewhere on

There's also Paul's linux-pmac-devel anonymous rsync tree.

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Date:	Thu, 11 Jun 1998 13:04:17 +1000

I have made my Linux kernel source trees (stable and devel) available
by anonymous rsync from samba.anu.edu.au.  Rsync is a program which
lets you update one set of files to be the same as another,
transferring only the parts which have changed.  See
http://samba.anu.edu.au/rsync for more information.

To start, you need to install the rsync program.  You can get the
source from ftp://samba.anu.edu.au/pub/rsync, or you can just get the
PPC rpm and install that:

With anonymous rsync, the server exports a collection of packages.
You can see which packages samba exports with the command

	rsync samba.anu.edu.au::

You should see packages called linux-pmac-stable and linux-pmac-devel.

Suppose you have a copy of the linux-pmac-2.1.102 source tree unpacked
somewhere and you want to upgrade it to the current 2.1.103 sources.
You cd into the linux-pmac directory containing your source tree and
use the command:

	rsync -avz samba.anu.edu.au::linux-pmac-devel .

This will determine what has changed between your copy of the source
tree and the current linux-pmac-devel tree at samba, transfer the
changed sections, and update your local copy.  To update the 2.1.102
tree to 2.1.103, rsync transfers only about 470kB from the server to
the client (plus about 73kB from client to server), so it's quite
feasible to do it over a modem link.

You can also use anonymous rsync for getting a complete tree from
scratch, like this:

	rsync -avz samba.anu.edu.au::linux-pmac-devel linux-pmac

(assuming there isn't already a linux-pmac subdirectory in the current
directory).  This transfers a lot more data (about 13MB).

The instructions for the stable tree are similar, just use
linux-pmac-stable instead of linux-pmac-devel.

Joel "Espy" Klecker

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