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Re: compiling packages on powerpc

On Mon, Aug 10, 1998 at 01:50:04AM -0700, Alex Romosan wrote:
> i know how to compile debian packages, i maintain a few myself. it's
> only that until now i dealt only with intel (and a brief aborted
> attempt with an alpha) machines. i realize the distribution is mostly
> experimental, and i am trying to help as much as i can. right now i am
> trying to compile the latest xfree86 stuff, but the linker core dumps
> when is trying to create the X11 shared library. also there are
> problems with nvi, it won't let me edit a large file (it says it
> doesn't know the name of the file, and i can't save it), and vim seems
> to screw up the file altogether. ae core dumps, so i am kind of
> limited in my choice of editors here.

That's a known problem (not with the linker, but with egcs).  I've got
X more or less covered at the moment thought (or I would if my external
scsi didn't keep crashing).  In fact, I am going to upload X to master
as soon as I clear the NMU with Branden.

The egcs bug is fixed in 1.1 snapshots, which I hopefully will also
upload soon.

ae is working fine for me, but try joe.

> i am working with the powerpc tarball i got from master, and then i
> did a dselect update, etc. things seem to be working okay, i changed
> /etc/inittab to use getty instead of mingetty, which was in the
> tarball, but didn't seem to belong to any package. anyway, the tarball
> seems to work fine, if we only had an installation disk...

Odd - oh yeah, I haven't uploaded a fixed util-linux yet.  ALSO coming
up this week, I think.

>   build
I assume you mean dpkg-buildpackage :)


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