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Re: compiling packages on powerpc

not sure how you do that, but normally, compiling a debian package is done as followsd :

but all thre files in a directory of your choice (/usr/local/debian ?)

you cshould then do a dpkg-source or something similar, don't remember exactly, with the .dsc file as argument.

then you have to go to the directory and do a dpkg-buildpackage with some options (-us -uc, if you don't want to sign it, -r sudo/fakeroot if you are not running as root, ...and it builds the bpackage.

the problem is that glibc2.1 is still *experimental* on powerpc, so most package cause some problem, the best you have to do, is to compile some other package to see if it works, and report the non working ones at the debian-ppowerpc mailing list (at
which you should subscribe) saying that this packaeg don't compile (and saying you say it just for info, and are aware that it is still experimental, to not get flamed ..)

mostly the packages are in the way of being adapted to glibc2.1.

and good luck (did you get the tglibc2 tarball t
from a mirror of debian incoming, or did you do it in another manner, does the clock get set correctly ('is hwclock present, or conly clock ? ) you sdhould report any install and run problem to debian_powerpc list to make sure they support linux-apus.


And good luck.


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