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Re: compiling packages on powerpc

i know how to compile debian packages, i maintain a few myself. it's
only that until now i dealt only with intel (and a brief aborted
attempt with an alpha) machines. i realize the distribution is mostly
experimental, and i am trying to help as much as i can. right now i am
trying to compile the latest xfree86 stuff, but the linker core dumps
when is trying to create the X11 shared library. also there are
problems with nvi, it won't let me edit a large file (it says it
doesn't know the name of the file, and i can't save it), and vim seems
to screw up the file altogether. ae core dumps, so i am kind of
limited in my choice of editors here.

i am working with the powerpc tarball i got from master, and then i
did a dselect update, etc. things seem to be working okay, i changed
/etc/inittab to use getty instead of mingetty, which was in the
tarball, but didn't seem to belong to any package. anyway, the tarball
seems to work fine, if we only had an installation disk...

for the record, you build a package by doing:

  dpkg-source -x package_x-y.dsc
  cd package-x


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