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RE: tarball and possibly missing devs.

> > yesterday i tried to install debian/slink/ppc on my linux/apus system.
> > like recommended i did a
> > for i in *.deb do ar -x $i; tar xzvf data.tar.gz; done
> > and after that i made some configuration.
> We have now a working dpkg. So normal install with dpkg -i or with
> dselect.
Same old problem, for dpkg t owork, you need a working glibc2 root
partition, which i don't have. That's why i so much in need of a tarball,
without it i can not do things easily, but need to resort to tricks like

> > i tried booting in this partition and was not able to open a fbdev to
> > put the console on it, though it worked on my linuxppc rpms/debian hamm
> > mixed install.
> The whole xfree stuff works. Possible a configuration problem.
I am not speaking about the xfree stuff, but about the initial console that
the kernel is supposed to open after it succeeded in mounting the roor
partition. I have an Amiga1200 with a powerpc603e board. i am running an
linux-apus kernel with the amifb frambuffer device. I think it is somewhere
there that the problem is.

> > i got to /dev, and there were no devices defined, after some trying i
> > was able to create most of the devices that are also on the other
> > partition.
> Yeh, notice this also. We must append the /etc/devinfo.
> > my .debs are somewhat old, so this may actually be solved, but if not, i
> > would like to get hands on the latest 'tentative' tarball, and test it
> > on my system to assure that when it is finally released (i hope soon) it
> > will work on my config.
> I have one. Testing it now (booting, ldd bins, ...). I need it also
> for tervola; let me do some test and i put it out (only tarball, no
> bootfloppys or something else).
> If you get the new stuff, please report any problems here or to me. I'm
> not
> sure if the bins from April are correct working. And install only the
> new slang-1.xxx to detect old bins with slang0.99.39. 
It would be much easier testing with a tarball, also if it don't work, at
least i can report something on the tarball, and not on the linuxppc
glibc1.99 -> debian/slink upgrade problems.



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