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Re: Booting from cdrom

Vincent Renardias writes:

> > could anyone tell me the command I have to enter in OpenFirmware to
> > boot the machine from cdrom?  "cdrom", "c", "boot cdrom" doesn't work
> > and I can't find the trick but it must exist.
> > 
> > Dunno why, but hitting 'c' and exchanging the cdrom after the machine
> > is turned on doesn't work now.  I'd like not to change OF settings as
> > my Linux won't be accessable then.
> Pressing 'c' at the very beggining of the boot sequence is enough usually.
> (On Apple's at least, maybe your Motorola is behaving differently?)

I don't know why, but on my machine this does only work from time
to time.  I really tried that half an hour.  Hearing the strings
and pressing c at the same time.  Removing and interting the cdrom
again and it still boots from hard disk.   OF wasn't any help but
finally after typing 'bye' it booted from cdrom and that was the
time I removed the installed MacOS and replaced it with a 300MB
installation - now we have 2.1GB for Linux. "-))



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