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Re: popcon.d.o: new vendor graph

On Sun, 2018-05-27 at 22:14 +0200, Bill Allombert wrote:

> This is dangerous...

With proper encoding it should be fine.

Check if the string is UTF-8, if not, try to convert it to UTF-8 or
ASCII. Then apply HTML encoding.

> For the time being the list is available at:
> https://popcon.debian.org/stat/vendor.txt

Thanks for that.

> This is fixed for now by converting to ISO-8859-1 before using
> libchart-perl. A better fix would be nice.

A section of the documentation mentions Unicode and UTF-8:


> https://popcon.debian.org/stat/submission.txt

Should this be renamed to architecture.txt?

> Maybe I should put a link somewhere.

I would add a "historical architectures/vendors" link at the bottom of
each list of stats for reported vendors/architectures.



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