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Re: popcon.d.o: new vendor graph

On Sat, 2018-05-26 at 01:35 +0200, Bill Allombert wrote:

> I have made an addition to popcon.d.o:
> A new section and a new graph for the vendor field.

Excellent, thanks! It contains some derivatives I hadn't heard of yet.

> This is preliminary, this need to be cleaned up a bit.

A few things I noticed:

The key for the first graph is cut off at the bottom due to the amount
of entries in the label. Not sure this is fixable, but to workaround
that (and to improve accessibility), it might be nice to have a title
attribute containing the full list of items from the key for each graph.

There is a mojibake variant of AcorOS in the key for the second graph
label at the bottom. I guess in the first one it exists but is cut off.
Not sure if this is a problem in the data or in the graph rendering.

Both the architectures and vendors all-time graphs have items in the
key that are no longer being reported. For each section it would be
nice to have a list of historical architectures and vendors that are
no longer being reported but were at one time.

> I dedicate this to Paul Wise, with apology for have waited so long to
> do it.

I apologise for not finishing the branch I had for this.

Once the code has been pushed to salsa I'll rebase it and send patches
for the remaining changes if any.



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