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[Popcon-developers] Should we patch popcon to send emails even without an MTA?

[Bill Allombert]
> Given all the above, I don't see any advantage of the built-in SMTP:
> this is more work for get it going than installing exim4 with debconf.

The advantage I see is providing those without a working MTA with an
option they can live with.

> It is very unlikely we get more report by providing this option,
> which was the original incentive, so I don't think we should include
> it unless we can provide a zero-configuration set-up that work for
> more people.

Well, I suspect we might we some more reports from some of the smaller
archs, but I do not know this.  Some of their administrators seem very
eager to submit popcon reports. :)

Adding the option will give us more experience, so we can consider
making it easier to enable later.

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