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[Popcon-developers] Should we patch popcon to send emails even without an MTA?

[Bill Allombert]
> How do we decide to use /usr/lib/sendmail instead of built-in smtp ?
> Maybe /usr/lib/sendmail can only send email locally.

I was planning to add the code, and document the option, but not try
to enable it automatically, and not use it by default.  This way,
those with MTA unable to send email can enable it if they want.

> Will we need more debconf templates ?

Not if we only make the option available, and don't try to enable it
at install time.

> A built-in SMTP engine has the following problems:
> 1) You need to configure the smarthost and the sender address properly.
> (it might be possible to use popcon.debian.org and
> submitter@popcon.debian.org but that will not work with some ISP that
> block port 25.)

Yes.  Those needing the feature will need to provide working
configuration for SMTP.

> 2) If the network is not up when the cron job run, the mail is not
> send.

Yes.   Those enabling this option need to know this.

> Are you positive popcon is no longer installed as part of the
> default installation ? Is it a bug or a feature ? Should we ask
> debian-boot ?

Yes, I know this as a fact.  It was removed because tasksel was
changed in a way that made the old popcon enabling code in base-config
useless.  It is probably accepted as a bug, and patches to enable it
will most likely be accepted.

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