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Bug#908933: debian-policy: typo in document in section 3.4 page no 15 line number 16 needs improvement.

Dear Jaikumar,

On Mon 17 Sep 2018 at 07:31PM +0530, Jaikumar Sharma wrote:

> I took screen capture of the particular area of the document as
> attached jpg image which i called inconsistent or odd looking, that
> does not provide enough information to highlight what i called odd
> and/or inconsistent? Sorry, it was last two characters (not three)
> which looks a bit seperated from the rest of the word , do not you
> think this is odd looking? :)
> One more try. please see attached the screen capture again.

Assuming you're talking about 'administrivia', I'm afraid that I still
cannot see the problem.  It looks normal to me.

Sean Whitton

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