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Bug#908933: debian-policy: typo in document in section 3.4 page no 15 line number 16 needs improvement.

control: tag -1 +moreinfo


On Sun 16 Sep 2018 at 03:24PM +0530, Jaikumar Sharma wrote:

> [M]y personal opinion is, would have been better if we could have used
> 'administrative details' .

This would not be right; there is a difference in meaning between
'administrative details' and 'administrivia'.

> Also, looks odd in the
> debian-policy document  as last three characters of this word stands
> seperated from the rest of the characters of this word - may be
> because of font used in the document or something.

Hmm?  Can you provide a screenshot, please?

Sean Whitton

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