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[developers-reference] 01/01: Prepare changelog for upload. [developers-reference] annotated tag debian/3.4.15 created (now 4016b4c) [developers-reference] branch master updated (fdfd7d6 -> d73eeb2) Fwd: [fhs-discuss] FHS 3.0 Bug#172892: best practices for CVS package handling Bug#408500: Agentur bietet Stellenausschreibungen für Sie an 408500 Bug#540975: marked as done (Referenced program names are not included in PDF result) Bug#604193: section 7.4 patch Bug#621050: marked as done (Document dependencies needed to use multiarch paths) Bug#630174: debian-policy: forbid installation into /lib64 Bug#659070: bad internal links on for developers-reference Bug#659070: marked as done ( internal links point to English pages in <>) Bug#703619: marked as done ( language-related problem with pages) Bug#725946: marked as done (Links to anchors in developers reference revert back to foo.html) Bug#738566: marked as done (epub format defective) Bug#761005: marked as done (update README-contrib for git) Bug#768426: marked as done (developers-reference: <codename><n> version scheme in §5.13.3 (“Direct updates to testing”)) Bug#769818: Re: Bug#769818: Bug#766118: lintian: False positive for “missing-license-paragraph-in-dep5-copyright” Bug#780243: marked as done (t-p-u: Use the release code name as the target distribution) Bug#780787: marked as done (developers-reference: add CSS from debian reference) Bug#784244: marked as done (developers-reference: suffix +deb8u1 is for stable uploads, even if they are not a NMU) Bug#784248: marked as done (developers-reference: wheezy is Debian 7 (7.0 is only the first release)) Bug#787816: Replace FHS 2.3 by FHS 3.0 in the Policy. Bug#789391: developers-reference: Bold / Titles in PDF are wrong abd differ from HTML Bug#790099: [l10n ping] intend to localize dev-ref into zh_CN developers-reference_3.4.15_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Processed: Re: best practices for CVS package handling Processed: tagging 789391 Processing of developers-reference_3.4.15_amd64.changes Re: Q: any reason for debian-policy non-i18n-ed? Re: Shall we convert the Policy to DocBook XML soonish ? (Re: Q: any reason for debian-policy non-i18n-ed?) Timezone name in Debian changelog format Fwd: your mail The last update was on 07:07 GMT Mon Jun 03. There are 37 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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