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Bug#790099: [l10n ping] intend to localize dev-ref into zh_CN

Package: developers-reference
Version: 3.4.15
Severity: wishlist
Tag: l10n

Hi dev-ref maintainers,

I intend to translate dev-ref into zh_CN,
if that's of value. And this bug is submitted for a ping.

I have some questions:

 * Is there any need that dev-ref should be translated into zh_CN ?
 * Where should I commit the first testing changes? git repo? BTS?
   or l10n lists?
        Since dev-ref is the official doc, the translation procedure
        may be different from e.g. apt which I can commit .po changes
        directly onto git.d.o repo. 
 * I have no write permission to any collab-maint repos [1] currently.
   I'd be happy if get granted permission to commit .po changes.

[1] my alioth login ID info:
uid=370153(cdluminate-guest) gid=370153(cdluminate-guest)

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