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Bug#616465: debian-policy: description file in each system directory

Hi Jonathan,

> Policy sets rules that make sure the system works well. 
> ...
> Perhaps the following might provide some inspiration:
> 	http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep0/

I agree that it is a good place for proposals like mine.
But making long well-developed draft and "driving" it - this is mostly operating system developer's task, not users one.
I think that Debian should have some place where users can just send short ideas without creating DEP and "driving" it.
I am understand that Debian is developed by community and there is no strict dividing line between user and developer. Developer uses OS and user can take part in development.
But place for short ideas IMHO should exist :-)

The first place from where I start is reportbug utility and it's list of themes:

$ reportbug
Please enter the name of the package in which you have found a problem, or type 'other' to report a more general problem.
> other
Please enter the name of the package in which you have found a problem, or choose one of these bug categories:

 1 base                  General bugs in the base system
 2 bugs.debian.org       The bug tracking system, @bugs.debian.org
 3 buildd.debian.org     Problems and requests related to the Debian Buildds
 4 buildd.emdebian.org   Problems related to building packages for Emdebian
 5 cdimage.debian.org    CD Image issues
 6 cdrom                 Problems with installation from CD-ROMs
 7 debian-i18n           Requests regarding Internationalization (i18n) of the distribution
 8 debian-maintainers    Problems and requests related to Debian Maintainers
 9 debian-policy         Proposed changes in the Debian policy documentation
10 ftp.debian.org        Problems with the FTP site and Package removal requests
11 general               General problems (e.g., that many manpages are mode 755)
12 installation-reports  Problems with installing Debian
13 listarchives          Problems with the WWW mailing list archives
14 lists.debian.org      The mailing lists, debian-*@lists.debian.org.
15 mirrors               Problems with Debian archive mirrors.
16 nm.debian.org         New Maintainer process and nm.debian.org website
17 press                 Press release issues
18 project               Problems related to project administration
19 qa.debian.org         Problems related to the quality assurance group
20 release-notes         Problems with the release notes
21 release.debian.org    Requests regarding Debian releases and release team tools
22 security-tracker      The Debian Security Bug Tracker
23 security.debian.org   Problems with the security updates server
24 snapshot.debian.org   Issues with the snapshot.debian.org service
25 spam                  Spam (reassign spam to here so we can complain about it)
26 tech-ctte             Issues to be referred to the technical committee
27 upgrade-reports       Reports of successful and unsucessful upgrades
28 wiki.debian.org       Problems with the Debian wiki
29 wnpp                  Work-Needing and Prospective Packages list
30 www.debian.org        Problems with the WWW site (including other *.debian.org sites)

Enter a package: 

I have select the policy (9)  from this list and so we speaking now :-)
Now I understand that case 9 was incorrect because policy is only "sets rules that make sure the system works well" as you have explained, not all global rules.
So some "more right" choice should exist in this list. Which is it - how do you think? :-)

Regards, Sergey

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