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Re: Separating dpkg doc appendices from policy?

Quoting Russ Allbery on 2010-09-18 21:51:58, in Message-Id

> You can clone the Git repository locally and work completely off-line
Ah, yes, good old git repos, one of an offline writer's best friends :)
I'll have the latest commit pulled by the time you see this.

» (your whole mail)
This also answers all those other questions I mentioned I had, but does
raise a different one:

> work.  (I recommend producing a series of patches as you finish chunks of
> the work rather than one huge patch at the end.)
> * Submit a Policy patch to remove all the bits that have been moved or
>   that are completely obsolete.

So I'd crank out patches, store them locally until I'm done, and then
submit the entire patchset as a +patch bug against Policy? Am currently
offline, thus I cannot see how things have been done in the past by the
policy group. Will look once I have connectivity again.

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