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Bug#208010: Require init.d scripts comply with LSB

Hey Russ and others :)

I've thought about that issue a little bit again,... and have to further
points which might be worth discussion:

1) Right now, init-scripts, as well as cron-scripts are configuration
files, right?

I guess that made a lot of sense, when initscripts where a) much easier,
b) not very well configurable.

Nowadays we have however quite well configurable scripts via the
configuration files in /etc/default (I guess also cron-scripts would be
allowed to place their config files there, right?).

I (personally) rarely seen that one really needs to modify an
initscript. Usually, if the desired modification are reasonable,
maintainers are willingly to make the respective thing configurable via
and /etc/default file, if one asks them.

The only (main) thing left, which I could see right now, one may want to
modify is the LSB header to control the startup order.

This has in principle nothing directly to do with this bug, and at your
consent, I'd report this as a separate "bug" to make discussion
possible... but...

2) if init-scripts are meant to be config files (I mean even on a
very-long-term-scale) it's intended that people can change them and e.g.
do the following:
Adding a required-start on firewall-scripts to the ssh init-scipt. To
guarantee that this is always started before ssh.

Now if we require init-scripts to exit 0 if the package has been removed
(!purged), there is no change to see, that the requirement is actually
not longer met, is it?


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