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Bug#208010: Require init.d scripts comply with LSB

Christoph Anton Mitterer <calestyo@scientia.net> writes:

> 1) Right now, init-scripts, as well as cron-scripts are configuration
> files, right?

Yes.  Nearly everything in /etc is a configuration file.

> I (personally) rarely seen that one really needs to modify an
> initscript.

I frequently need to modify init scripts, so our experience differs here.

> This has in principle nothing directly to do with this bug, and at your
> consent, I'd report this as a separate "bug" to make discussion
> possible... but...

It would surprise me if there were consensus to make init scripts not
configuration files.  You can certainly propose that change in another
separate bug, but my guess is that it will end up being rejected.

> 2) if init-scripts are meant to be config files (I mean even on a
> very-long-term-scale) it's intended that people can change them and e.g.
> do the following:

> Adding a required-start on firewall-scripts to the ssh init-scipt. To
> guarantee that this is always started before ssh.

> Now if we require init-scripts to exit 0 if the package has been removed
> (!purged), there is no change to see, that the requirement is actually
> not longer met, is it?

If you remove packages from your system that you expect to be running, you
get to keep both pieces.  The purpose of Policy is not to keep system
administrators from taking inconsistent and contradictory actions on their
own systems.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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