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Debian Policy BOF at DebConf 10

Hello everyone,

I'll be coordinating a BOF for Debian Policy at DebConf 10 on Monday
(tomorrow) at 14:00 in 414 Schapiro.  I don't have slides or much of an
introductory talk (I'm giving a full presentation on Tuesday and that
exhausted my slide-writing ability), but I wanted to throw out some
questions and thoughts for people to think about when coming.  And
encourage people to come!

Proposed topics:

* Where we're at now and recent status
* Major pending work to catch up with current Debian
  - Triggers
  - symbols files
  - LSB init headers
* External Policy documents to possibly adopt
  - Webapps
  - Python
  - Java
* The current update procedure: is it working?  should we tweak it?
* How to manage Policy change
* How you can help

The BOF is opposite Java and Python talks that I suspect that a lot of
people will want to attend, so I suspect discussion of Python and Java
policy in this BOF will be limited.

I'm also around DebConf 10 all week and am definitely good to talk about
Policy (and other things!) in the hall, hacklabs, over lunch, etc.  I'm
going to be wandering the nearby city for lunch and dinner rather than
eating in the cafeteria, since it seems like a shame to be in New York and
not sample the city's food, and if you have similar plans, I'd love to
join up.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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