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Inquiry about log timestamps

Good morning,

I have a question regarding timestamps in Debian package logs.  One of my 
biggest frustrations when troubleshooting problems with Xorg, for example, is 
that the .xsession-errors and Xorg.log entries are not time stamped.

I have already complained about Xorg timestamps on debian-users and there are 
bug reports on this but I am curious why they are not part of Debian's policy.  
I am guessing that many other packages are guilty of the same and I'm sure to 
discover them as they fail.  I understand that many logs get rotated regularly 
allowing a smarter person than I to figure out which logs apply to which 
sessions.  Especially after a crash or a forced reboot, though, it helps to 
know whether the log output you are reading is from the current session or the 
one that just failed.

Therefore, can I get some feedback on why timestamps aren't required in Debian 

With thanks,

Borden Rhodes

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