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Set up Policy bug categories and record current triage

# Setting up user categories for Policy bug triage and to help in the
# process.  This uses the same classification scheme as mine adjusted by
# Manoj and previously discussed on the mailing list, with a few
# modifications so that the existing bug system tags can be used where
# possible:
# * Use patch for the wording tag so that a traditional view shows those.
# * Use pending for accepted, since they mean the same thing.
# * Use wontfix for rejected, likewise.
# * Sort by severity before issue-status instead of afterwards.
# * Don't sort by classification; issue-status supersedes it.
# We still sort by status first, which means that accepted and rejected
# bugs fall out of the main section into the bottom section.

user debian-policy@packages.debian.org
usercategory issue-type [hidden]
 * Issue Type [tag=]
  + Normative [normative]
  + Informative [informative]
  + Packaging [packaging]
  + Unclassified []

usercategory issue-status [hidden]
 * Issue Status [tag=]
  + Issue Raised [issue]
  + Under Discussion [discussion]
  + Opinion Solicited [opinion]
  + Change Proposed [proposal]
  + Wording Proposed [patch]
  + Wording Seconded [seconded]
  + Wording Accepted [pending]
  + Rejected [wontfix]
  + Unknown []

usercategory normal
 * status
 * issue-type
 * severity
 * issue-status

usercategory old
 * status
 * severity
 * classification

package debian-policy

usertag 452393 informative issue
retitle 452393 Clarify difference between required and important priorities
tag 452393 -patch

usertag 163666 informative discussion
retitle 163666 Interpretation of [arch] is unclear with alternatives (|)
usertag 186102 informative discussion
retitle 186102 Suggest better date-based version numbers

usertag 175202 informative proposal
retitle 175202 Clarify Perl package naming convention with more examples
usertag 218897 informative proposal
retitle 218897 Explicitly say dpkg-divert --local is a bad idea in packages
usertag 328951 informative proposal
retitle 328951 Clarify relationship between targets and Build-Depends{,-Indep}
severity 328951 wishlist
usertag 442134 informative proposal
retitle 442134 Inconsistency: half-configured vs. failed-config

usertag 455602 informative
usertag 422552 informative

usertag  89038 normative issue
retitle  89038 [mime-policy] Include update-mime behavior
usertag 181123 normative issue
retitle 181123 Regulate init script behavior in unusual cases
usertag 120418 normative issue
retitle 120418 Policy for code using CPU extensions
usertag 122038 normative issue
retitle 122038 Use of /var/backups is apparently undocumented
usertag 161912 normative issue
retitle 161912 Drop 30000-59999 uid/gid reservation 
usertag 186700 normative issue
retitle 186700 Sorting and meaning of an empty Debian revision is unclear
severity 186700 minor
usertag 192571 normative issue
retitle 192571 Size limit for doc packages
usertag 215549 normative issue
retitle 215549 reconfigure argument to postinst
usertag 263448 normative issue
retitle 263448 Separate font directory for non-free fonts
usertag 276160 normative issue
usertag 400322 normative issue
retitle 400322 Specify which dependency fields may be restricted by arch
usertag 402721 normative issue
retitle 402721 State Conflicts must not be used unless necessary
usertag 408500 normative issue
retitle 408500 Packages must be built from source
usertag 445203 normative issue
retitle 445203 Log files: /etc/logrotate.d/<package> preferred
usertag 446712 normative issue
retitle 446712 Document comments are permitted in debian/control

usertag 160827 normative discussion
retitle 160827 Standardize syntax of the name in the Maintainer control field
usertag 188731 normative discussion
retitle 188731 Also strip .comment and .note sections
usertag 212814 normative discussion
retitle 212814 Clarify relationship between long and short description
usertag 228692 normative discussion
retitle 228692 User/group creation/removal in package maintainer scripts
usertag 232448 normative discussion
retitle 232448 Ada Library Information files must be read-only
usertag 248809 normative discussion
retitle 248809 Debian user namespace for package-created users
usertag 267142 normative discussion
retitle 267142 Specify allowable behavior for /bin/sh shell builtins
usertag 291148 normative discussion
retitle 291148 status action for init.d scripts
usertag 291177 normative discussion
retitle 291177 User/group creation/removal in package maintainer scripts
merge 228692 291177
usertag 291631 normative discussion
retitle 291631 Prohibit executable stacks (require PT_GNU_STACK header)
usertag 338219 normative discussion
retitle 338219 Mandate ldconfig search list or directories for which ldconfig should be called
usertag 345619 normative discussion
retitle 345619 build-arch and build-indep targets should be required
usertag 374029 normative discussion
retitle 374029 Build-Depends{,-Indep} as defined is not useful and not followed
usertag 375502 normative discussion
retitle 375502 Clarify management and status of sub-policies
usertag 391240 normative discussion
retitle 391240 Clean target should remove created files outside the build directory
tags 391240 -patch
usertag 391841 normative discussion
retitle 391841 Virtual package time-daemon underspecified
usertag 397939 normative discussion
retitle 397939 clean rule behavior underspecified and inconsistent with common practice
usertag 399913 normative discussion
retitle 399913 Re-add editor as a virtual package
usertag 400112 normative discussion
retitle 400112 Forbid building binary packages with the same name as another source package
usertag 401452 normative discussion
retitle 401452 Standardize syntax of the name in the Maintainer control field
merge 160827 401452
usertag 403649 normative discussion
retitle 403649 Clarify Depends reliability during postrm remove
usertag 412668 normative discussion
retitle 412668 Extend configuration file protection to symlinks
usertag 413353 normative discussion
retitle 413353 New virtual package: dict-freedict
usertag 431109 normative discussion
retitle 431109 Deprecate use of GPL/LGPL/GFDL symlinks
usertag 436419 normative discussion
usertag 447231 normative discussion
retitle 447231 Python sub-policy
usertag 457364 normative discussion
retitle 457364 Reserve package namespace for cross-compiled packages

unmerge  99933
usertag  99933 normative proposal
retitle  99933 Encourage UTF-8 for documentation and clarify encoding issues 
usertag 104373 normative proposal
retitle 104373 Allow subdirectories under /usr/lib/cgi-bin
usertag 106073 normative proposal
retitle 106073 Separate doc packages should not put docs in /usr/share/doc/package-doc
usertag 143941 normative proposal
retitle 143941 Mandate UTF-8 for control files
usertag 152955 normative proposal
retitle 152955 force-reload should not start the daemon if it is not running
usertag 196367 normative proposal
retitle 196367 Clarify Policy on priority inversion in dependencies
usertag 184064 normative proposal
retitle 184064 Window managers should provide a slave alternative for x-window-manager.1
usertag 206684 normative proposal
retitle 206684 Use of debconf for prompting should be mandatory except for essential packages and pre-dependencies
usertag 208010 normative proposal
retitle 208010 Require init.d scripts comply with LSB
usertag 208011 normative proposal
retitle 208011 Mandate UTF-8 for control files
usertag 218893 normative proposal
retitle 218893 Add Build-Options control field
usertag 224509 normative proposal
retitle 224509 Don't require a TTY during maintainer script execution
usertag 241333 normative proposal
retitle 241333 Mandate UTF-8 for changelog files
usertag 246016 normative proposal
merge 99933 246016
usertag 314808 normative proposal
retitle 314808 Web applications should use /usr/share/package, not /usr/share/doc/package
usertag 347581 normative proposal
retitle 347581 Allow library source packages to generate *-headers binary packages
usertag 348336 normative proposal
retitle 348336 Clarify Policy around shared configuration files
usertag 391836 normative proposal
usertag 392479 normative proposal
usertag 411510 normative proposal
retitle 411510 Use /etc/ld.so.conf.d instead of /etc/ld.so.conf
usertag 416450 normative proposal
retitle 416450 Add nocheck DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS option to suppress test suites
usertag 425523 normative proposal
retitle 425523 Describe error unwind when unpacking a package fails
usertag 436105 normative proposal
retitle 436105 Include GPLv1 in common-licenses

usertag 172436 normative
retitle 172436 BROWSER and sensible-browser standardization
usertag 367984 normative
retitle 367984 Clarify handling of run-time and compile-time support programs

usertag 442070 normative
usertag 452105 normative
usertag 403391 normative
usertag 440420 normative
usertag 430649 normative
usertag 291460 normative
usertag 431813 normative
usertag  65577 normative
usertag 209008 normative
usertag 250202 normative
usertag 379150 normative
usertag 392362 normative

usertag  99324 normative
tag  99324 wontfix
usertag 102213 normative
tag 102213 wontfix
usertag 122817 normative
tag 122817 wontfix
usertag 169600 normative
tag 169600 wontfix
usertag 203650 normative
tag 203650 wontfix
usertag 253511 normative
tag 253511 wontfix
usertag 284340 normative
tag 284340 wontfix
usertag 295006 normative
tag 295006 wontfix
usertag 299007 normative
tag 299007 wontfix
usertag 331532 normative
tag 331532 wontfix
usertag 367650 normative
tag 367650 wontfix
usertag 381729 normative
tag 381729 wontfix
usertag 434651 normative
tag 434651 wontfix
usertag 435476 normative
tag 435476 wontfix
usertag 438492 normative
tag 438492 wontfix

usertag  47438 packaging
retitle  47438 Update Policy copyright
usertag 203098 packaging
retitle 203098 Use <link rel="..."> in generated HTML

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