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Bug#434651: debian-policy: New virtual package: wims-extra

Russ Allbery a écrit :
> What dependency is wims-extra providing?  It seems like there is a general
> server (wims) and a variety of different modules for it, but I'm not
> seeing where anything needs to depend on the wims-extra virtual package.
> Wouldn't people just install the wims server and then whatever modules
> they want to use, sort of like installing an Apache server and whatever
> Apache modules they wish to use?

There are currently two way for installing Wims modules:
- install a Debian package providing modules
- let the local wims server synchronise with a central server which
  publishes newer modules.

This is not exactly the same case as Apache: currently there are
approximately 1300 different modules. The granularity is low.

To say it in few words:
	wims-extra provides "every module existing now", 
but with some different flavors:

- wims-extra-all would provide wims-extra and really contain "every
  currently existing module"
- wims-extra-es would provide wims-extra, but contain only modules
  available in Spanish.
- I plan to make a packgae wims-extra-fr quite like wims-extra-es, but
  for French language, wims-extra-physchem for a particular emphasis on
  physics and chemistry.

The goal of wims-extra is to let you build instantly a wims server which
would be as much up-to-date as you want, for your particular needs. If
you are just in a hurry and that Recommended packages are installed, you
just install wims, which will in turn install wims-modules and
wims-extra-all. If you are more picky, you will choose explicitely some
other wims-extra-xxx package if you need to save space or show fewer
packages to your students.

Then later, you can just rely on the possibility to selectively download
more recent packages from the central wims website, without using debian
packages. (my estimation is that there are about a dozen of new modules
or new version of older modules each month, and that this number will
keep growing). Or as an alternative, upgrade to newer releases of the
particular package wims-extra-xxx you installed previously, but then the
synchronisation would not be done as fast.

Best regards,			Georges.

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