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Bug#434651: debian-policy: New virtual package: wims-extra

Georges Khaznadar <georges.khaznadar@free.fr> writes:

> - wims-extra-all would provide wims-extra and really contain "every
>   currently existing module"
> - wims-extra-es would provide wims-extra, but contain only modules
>   available in Spanish.
> - I plan to make a packgae wims-extra-fr quite like wims-extra-es, but
>   for French language, wims-extra-physchem for a particular emphasis on
>   physics and chemistry.

> The goal of wims-extra is to let you build instantly a wims server which
> would be as much up-to-date as you want, for your particular needs. If
> you are just in a hurry and that Recommended packages are installed, you
> just install wims, which will in turn install wims-modules and
> wims-extra-all. If you are more picky, you will choose explicitely some
> other wims-extra-xxx package if you need to save space or show fewer
> packages to your students.

Just to see if I understand: the idea is that the wims server will
Recommend wins-extra-all | wims-extra, and then all of the modules will
Provide wims-extra so that if you have one module installed, you won't get
the full set of modules that comes from wims-extra-all?

If so, this is very similar to the way video drivers for the X server are
handled and I can see where a virtual package would be useful.

Thank you for the clarification!

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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