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Re: Date and Upsteam-URL fields

On 2006-06-08T01:19-0700 Don Armstrong wrote:
> You might as well start by looking for something like that, then just
> fall back upon anything that looks like a URL if there's no indication
> which url is the specific upstream location; putting this into the
> control file doesn't really make all that much sense to me, since when
> it actually matters, watch files are much more useful and even allow
> automated processing which is probably what you want anyway.

It does matter. Its authoritative. I include URLs in my package
description that point to specs the package implements, so searching
around for Upsteam homepage URL wouldn't necessarily work.

I am not looking for a watch file mechanism. I am looking for a way to
access upstream's homepage. Both as a developer and user.

Many package descriptions have a Website: field already. It should just
be in policy too, to promote this good helpful practice.

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