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Date and Upsteam-URL fields

I have two ideas that I would like to see in Debian.

Two extra fields that show up in /var/lib/dpkg/available

One being Date:

To show when the package was last touched. Currently I get this
information from the painfully from the "Latest News" section of the QA
page, e.g.: http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/geomview.html

This is useful to see if the package is "active". I would prefer if
version numbers were just (date --rfc-3339=date) dates themselves. So it
would be easy to compare upstream's release date and Debian's. The
difference between between these dates could be an interesting topic.

Ok, I've just noticed it in the Policy as 5.6.15. Why isn't that in
/var/lib/dpkg/available ?

Next field is URL: or URI: (http://www.w3.org/Addressing/)
Or perhaps Upsteam-URL: 

A reference to upstream's homepage. Every package pretty much has a
Webpage and it would be great to get the authoritative link to it from
the Debian package instead of aimlessly searching for it. Many packages
have a homepage or website link in the description already. So having it
as a field would make it easier to find.

Let me know what you think.

Best wishes,

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