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Re: Reviewing policy bugs

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> ======================================================================
>   * #114920: [PROPOSAL] remove foolish consistency in perl module names
>        Package: debian-policy; Reported by: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>; 334
>        days old.
> 	There was a long discussion, and I think most objections were
>  were addressed. An interesting point was that debian packages are
>  typically named after the CPAN _distribution name_, not the _module
>  name_; and this needs be fixed in Perl policy to reflect reality.
> 	We need to modify the proposal to require the full name (as
>  put in provides) to be also mentioned in the long description, and
>  then perhaps perl policy can be changed? Are there any objections to
>  this?
> ======================================================================

I haven't reviewed that long thread yet, so I don't recall if we decided
that a name such as "libfoo-bar-perl" should go in the package
description, or if the more palatable form "Foo::Bar" should.

> ======================================================================
>      * #129375: debian-policy: typo/logic error in debconf spec
>        Package: debian-policy; Reported by: Wichert Akkerman
>        <wichert@wiggy.net>; 235 days old.
> 	Umm. This seems like an out right bug in policy (though I
>  don't yet grok debconf). I guess policy needs to be fixed.
> ======================================================================a

Heh, yes. Wichert's fix is simple and correct.

> ======================================================================
>      * #132069: sysnews: Attempt to be FHS compliant breaks compatibility
>        with System V standard
>        Package: debian-policy; Reported by: Dominik Kubla
>        <kubla@sciobyte.de>; 216 days old.
> 	Oh, great. The FHS and the SysV standards are incompatible.
>  Has someone followed this up with the FHS folks?
> ======================================================================

I have not and I have not heard from anyone who has (I suggested that
Dominik Kubla do so, since he seems to know the SysV standard). My
feeling is that FHS should trounce SysV, though incompatabilities should
be rare and are bad..

see shy jo

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