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Bug#111281: base-files: MPL should be included in package

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Josip Rodin wrote:

> Your Contents file probably didn't include non-US packages.
Exactly this is the reason.

> So, basically, a handful of sources use this... IMHO that's hardly ready for
> inclusion among the current common licenses.
Well, I´m not familiear with policy decisions.  However if I´m not
completely wrong the MPL seems to be what I would call a *common license*
if I look at several projects releasing under it.  That´s why I expected
that we would have more packages which are released under MPL.

I have no personal feelings about it and if you think this is no reason
to include it in the common licenses dir feel free to close this bug.

Kind regards


PS: By the way:  Perhaps we should make clear when a license is "common".
    If 2 / 17 / 42 packages share the same license or what else.

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