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Re: Bug#111281: base-files: MPL should be included in package

On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, Tille, Andreas wrote:

> Well, I´m not familiear with policy decisions.  However if I´m not
> completely wrong the MPL seems to be what I would call a *common
> license* if I look at several projects releasing under it.  That´s
> why I expected that we would have more packages which are released
> under MPL.
> I have no personal feelings about it and if you think this is no
> reason to include it in the common licenses dir feel free to close
> this bug.

Furthermore, the "GPL should be included in any package under GPL anyway
because of distribution of .deb on non-Debian systems" debate should
have shown that putting a license in common-licenses is a bad idea.

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