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Bug#111281: base-files: MPL should be included in package

On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 02:16:43PM +0200, Tille, Andreas wrote:
> > > there seem several packages in Debian under MPL.
> >
> > Please make a list.
> $ zgrep "/MPL" Contents-sid.gz
> usr/share/doc/curl/MPL-1.1.txt.gz                           web/curl
> usr/share/doc/libcurl-dev/MPL-1.1.txt.gz                    devel/libcurl-dev
> usr/share/doc/libcurl2/MPL-1.1.txt.gz                       libs/libcurl2
> usr/share/doc/malsync/MPL-1_0.txt.gz                        otherosfs/malsync
> I wonder why
> /usr/share/doc/mozilla-browser/MPL-1.1.txt.gz
> is not in this list, was it removed from sid?

Your Contents file probably didn't include non-US packages.

> I uploaded today mozilla-locale-de-at this morning with the same
> lizense and I also expect that mozilla-locale-ja has it included.
> Future packages which uses parts of mozilla might have a similar
> need.

So, basically, a handful of sources use this... IMHO that's hardly ready for
inclusion among the current common licenses.

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