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Bug#97755: PROPOSAL] eliminating task packages; new task system

On Thu, May 17, 2001 at 11:18:17PM +0100, Charles Briscoe-Smith wrote:
> Since the task wouldn't actually be installed in any permanent sense
> (there's no task package to install), upgrading a task would probably
> just consist of selecting it again with tasksel. 

Well, it depends how/if you want to handle the possibility of, say, the
"web-server" task using apache in woody, and say, boa in woody+1. Should
upgrading the task move you over to boa? Should it give you the
opportunity to do so? Likewise if packages get added, or removed?

> It's not really possible to "remove" a task at present.  You can remove
> its task package...  or you could hunt down all the task package's
> dependencies and remove them.

And all their dependencies, and so on. Unless something else you've got
installed depends on them too.

Someone (and it won't be me :) will probably want to think about these
things after woody. But it doesn't much matter at the moment.


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