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Bug#97755: PROPOSAL] eliminating task packages; new task system

On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 10:43:31PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> After a lot of discussion, AJ and I have settled on a compromise that is 
> acceptable to both of us about what to do to fix Debian's broken[1] task
> system. 

<imagery>Dusk. A siren squealing in the distance, maybe police, maybe
ambulance, it's hard to tell. An alleyway, damp washing strung above,
swaying slightly in the breeze, steam drifting up from a grating,
a McDonalds wrapper shuffling past. A body, beaten, bloody, broken,
barely gasping for breath. A wrist, slashed. Writing, in the victim's
blood, but not by the victim's hand.</imagery>


> Rather than having task packages any more, individual packages that
> belong to a task can have a Task: control file field that lists the
> names of tasks they are a part of. This field can also be added to the
> Packages file by way of an override, even if a package does not contain
> it. Doing things this way has a lot of benefits that AJ has recently
> enumerated.

It also probably has some long term drawbacks: it doesn't generalise all
that immediately to allowing "upgrading" tasks, nor "removing" tasks.
But then, it might. In any case though, these things aren't going to
be implemented in time for woody, so it's more important now to get
something that *works* (allows us to have tasks for installation, and
doesn't break when we get into the freeze properly).

> +         <p>
> +           You should not tag any packages as belonging to a task before 
> +           this has been discussed on the `debian-devel' mailing list and 
> +	    a consensus about doing that has been reached.
> +         </p>

Actually, I'm assuming the overrides mechanism will just ignore any Task:
fields that might be in a package...

a "consensus by any means necessary" j

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