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Re: Bug#97755: PROPOSAL] eliminating task packages; new task system

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         Should we not wait until we have a working system before we
>  write this down in stone? It seems likely that we shall have design
>  tweaks as we work through implementing this, and once the design and
>  the interfaces have stabilized would be the time to propose this as
>  policy.  This is in line with the notion that policy documents
>  current practice.

I implemented it today. Didn't have to change any of the design; AJ and
I hammered it through pretty well prior. Tasksel 1.3 is checked into cvs
and ready for upload, though I won't for a few days.

Well, I implemented the part of it that affects tasksel. There is a part
that is not part of the formal proposal and really has nothing to do with
policy that has to do with editing overrides files. AJ is going to work on
that. Then there is another part that has to do with actually defining the
new tasks and what packages go in them; the working group is going to take
care of that, and we'll begin if we can find a third member.

> 	Mind you, I like the proposal, and were it not for the issue
>  of timing, I would probably have seconded this.

It's all about timing, unfortunatly -- we have to get this done before
woody base is frozen, and that includes getting the old task packages
removed. I think we will though, and will probably have it almostly
completly implemented by the time the discussion period is up and it
goes into policy.

see shy jo

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