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Bug#66023: [PROPOSAL] Re: Shared libs vs. plugins.



        I second this proposal, subject to the typographical and
 grammatical corrections included below. 


 --- policy.sgml.prev    Mon Jul 10 11:01:16 2000                              
 +++ policy.sgml Mon Jul 10 11:41:12 2000                                      
 @@ -2158,6 +2158,27 @@                                                        
+       <p>                                                                   
+        Shared object files (i.e. <file>libsoname.so</file>) that are
+        not public libraries, that is, they are notmeant to be linked 
+        to by third party executables (binaries of other packages),
+        should be installed in the subdirectories of the
+        <file>/usr/lib</file> directory. Such files are exempt from 
+        all the rules that govern ordinary shared libraries, except that 
+        libraries, except that they must not be installed executable.
+        <footnote>A common example are the so-called ``plug-ins'',
+        internal shared objects that are dynamically loaded by
+        programs using <manref name="dlopen" section="3">.</footnote>
+      </p>                                                                  
+      <p>                                                                   
+        Packages containing shared libraries that may be linked to by    
+        other packages' binaries, but which for some <em>compelling</em>
+        reason can not be installed in <file>/usr/lib</file> directory, 
+        may install the shared library files in subdirectories of the
+        <file>/usr/lib</file> directory, in which case they should 
+        arrange to add that directory in <file>/etc/ld.so.conf</file>
+        in the package's post-installation script, and remove it in the
+        package's post-removal script.             
+      </p>                                                                  
+      <p>                                                                   
         An ever increasing number of packages are using libtool to          
         do their linking. The latest GNU libtools (>= 1.3a) can take        
         advantage of the metadata in the installed libtool archive          
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