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Re: Bug#92589: there is no standard way to check if an init script is installed

Le 2001-04-03 12:57:40 -0500, Manoj Srivastava écrivait :
> 	This is not a valid policy amendment. The correct thing to do
>  is to write the tool up, and provide it for use by package
>  developers. And even then, it should not be mandated by policy --
>  it may be useful to include in the developers reference, and perhaps
>  integrated into the various helper packages, but there is nothing
>  wrong with individual developers retaining the checks that they have
>  written, as long as the checks are correct.
> 	As  written, I object to this propoosal on the grounds that
>  this is not a policy issue.

I see your point. You are right. This is not the way to go to solve
this issue.

Please close this request.


Jean-Philippe Guérard

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