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Re: Definition of alphanumeric?

>>"Branden" == Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

 >> I was not aware that PWD was arch conservatism and CURDIR was
 >> avante-garde neo-programming.

 Branden> I wasn't either, but apparently you were:

>>         So, what is the provenance of this CURDIR variable? Has it
>> been blessed by POSIX? indeed not. However, I see that both $PWD and
>> the pwd utility are sanctioned by POSIX; so for maximal portability
>> scripts should *NOT* use  CURDIR, the should either use PWD, or call
>> pwd themselves, like the example did.

	So standards conformance is conservatism in your eyes? Then I
 gladly accept that label (note that I was just asking what standards
 the variables conformed to). 

	I would much rather be a standards confroming conservative,
 rather than a standards busting neo-programmer, I guess. 

 >> Either you have a very strange system of determining novelty, or, more
 >> likely, you have a knee jerk mechanism of ``Brand Manoj with
 >> conservatism'' without really thinking about the issue.

 Branden> Either you are prone to presenting false alternatives, or
 Branden> once again your sense of humor is too subtle for me...

	You have not lost any opportunity to slam me for being
 conservative, and have even gone on to slam me for other imagined
 wrong doings (including accusing me of munchkinhood in RPG's).  This
 incident is no different. I am just tired of taking it all silently. 

	As for the knee jerk reaction being something you would be
 prone to do, I shall just remind you that you publicly admitted to forming
 an opinion on issues, not based on the merits, but merely by observing
 who was opposed to the issue. Anyone who does that, IMHO, is quite
 likely to have knee jerk reactions in general.

	This is ow off topic for the list, please take it to email for
 further discussion.

 For good, return good. For evil, return justice.
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