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Bug#92589: there is no standard way to check if an init script is installed

>>"Jean-Philippe" == Jean-Philippe Guérard <jean-philippe.guerard@mail.dotcom.fr> writes:

 Jean-Philippe> The Debian policy specifies (10.3.1) that maintainer
 Jean-Philippe> scripts should not assume whether or not a specific
 Jean-Philippe> implementation of the handling of init scripts is
 Jean-Philippe> used.

 Jean-Philippe> It provides a tool, update-rc.d, that has to be used
 Jean-Philippe> to install or remove an init script activation.

	No. Debian policy does not offer tools. It documents a tool
 used in current practice that is used to install or remove an init

 Jean-Philippe> However, it does not provide a standard way to check
 Jean-Philippe> the current status of an init script.

	As I said, policy does not provide tools.

 Jean-Philippe> Administation packages that need to know the situation
 Jean-Philippe> of an init script (e.g. webmin-core, ksysv, rcconf,
 Jean-Philippe> etc.) have to implement checks for all possible
 Jean-Philippe> implementations.

 Jean-Philippe> Most of them assume the symlink scheme is used.

 Jean-Philippe> The reasonnable solution would seem to be to offer an
 Jean-Philippe> additionnal standard tool :

 Jean-Philippe> check-rc.d

 Jean-Philippe> that would take as a parameter an init script, and provide
 Jean-Philippe> information on the current situation of the script.

	This is not a valid policy amendment. The correct thing to do
 is to write the tool up, and provide it for use by package
 developers. And even then, it should not be mandated by policy --
 it may be useful to include in the developers reference, and perhaps
 integrated into the various helper packages, but there is nothing
 wrong with individual developers retaining the checks that they have
 written, as long as the checks are correct.

	As  written, I object to this propoosal on the grounds that
 this is not a policy issue.

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