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Re: Definition of alphanumeric?

>>"Manoj" == Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

 Manoj> 	So, what is the provenance of this CURDIR variable? Has it
 Manoj>  been blessed by POSIX? indeed not. However, I see that both $PWD and
 Manoj>  the pwd utility are sanctioned by POSIX; so for maximal portability
 Manoj>  scripts should *NOT* use  CURDIR, the should either use PWD, or call
 Manoj>  pwd themselves, like the example did.

	I know it is bad form replying to oneself, but, after some
 sleep,  I realize that the provenance of CURDIR being a convenience
 variable set by GNU make is as valid as anything POSIX says.

	I would not be as confrontationally militant as Adam was and
 say that using an evaluated call to pwd is ``bad'', since (as some
 one has already mentioned) the overhead of the call is fairly
 minimal. However, GNU make does supply that convenience variable:

   For your convenience, GNU `make' sets the variable `CURDIR' to the
pathname of the current working directory for you.  If `-C' is in
effect, it will contain the path of the new directory, not the
original.  The value has the same precedence it would have if it were
set in the makefile (by default, an environment variable `CURDIR' will
not override this value).  Note that setting this variable has no
effect on the operation of `make'

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