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Re: cleaning up our task packages

On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 09:28:23PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
> We need to trim this list down, and I propose an objective criteria
> that can go into policy, as follows:

The singular of "criteria" is "criterion".

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> Task packages
>   ---------------------
>   Task packages are packages whose names are prefixed with `task-'.
>   Typically they are empty metapackages that merely depend on a collection
>   of other packages.
>   These packages are designed to enable users to set up their system to 
>   perform a specific task, with a minimum of work. Task packages are the 
>   embodyment of statements like "I want a ..." or "I want to ...". For
>   example, "I want a web server" (task-web-server), or "I want to write
>   programs" (task-programming), and if such a statement cannot be resonably
>   constructed to explain the purpose of the task, a task package is not
>   appropriate and should not exist in Debian.
>   Task packages must each delinate a specific task, and no two task packages
>   should offer the same, or effectively the same task. (So there can only
>   be one task package for a X desktop, a web server, or program development.)
>   Moreover, task packages should not be present for tasks that the standard
>   Debian system can perform by default (so task-[emacs-]editor is right out).
>   Task packages must not conflict either directly, or indirectly (this means
>   that the dependancies of any two task packages must not conflict).
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Sounds good to me except that I think distinct, integrated desktop
environments comprising many packages should each be able to have tasks.
This means I think there should be a task-gnome equivalent to task-kde.
(AFAIK, the XFCE desktop is all in one package.  Maybe two.)

This is partly for political reasons; the KDE/GNOME war is not going to be
over for a long time, and it's just too much of a headache for us to be
seen as taking sides in this.

I would furthermore suggest that localization tasks have some extra
structure placed upon their names: e.g., task-language-zh,
task-language-ja, etc.

> I'd expect that if this were adopted into policy, it would eliminate a whole
> pile of tasks that clearly violate it, although I'm sure many of them would
>  be fought long and hard; at least once we get a definition in policy, we
> will have a standard to aim for (and something to fight over ;-P.
> The resulting list would look something like:
>   x [ ] Chinese                            Chinese environment              ax 
>   x [ ] Database Pg                        PostgreSQL database              ax 
>   x [ ] Debian Devel                       Debian package development       ax 
>   x [ ] Dialup                             Dialup utilities                 ax 
>   x [ ] Dns Server                         DNS Server                       ax 
>   x [ ] Doc                                General documentation            ax 
>   x [ ] Games                              A selection of games             ax 
>   x [ ] German                             German-speaking environment      ax 
>   x [ ] Imap                               IMAP Server                      ax 
>   x [ ] Japanese                           Japanese-speaking environment    ax 
>   x [ ] Kde                                The K Desktop Environment        ax 
>   x [ ] Laptop                             A selection of tools for laptop uax 
>   x [ ] Newbie Help                        New user documentation           ax 
>   x [ ] News Server                        USENET News Server               ax 
>   x [ ] Polish                             Polish-speaking environment      ax 
>   x [ ] Samba                              Samba SMB server                 ax 
>   x [ ] Science                            Basic tools for scientific work  ax 
>   x [ ] Sgml                               SGML and XML authoring and editinax 
>   x [ ] Spanish                            Spanish environment              ax 
>   x [ ] Tex                                TeX/LaTeX environment            ax 
>   x [ ] X Window System                    X Window System (complete)       ax 
> Which doesn't include some very important tasks (task-web-server 
> and task-programming come to mind), but is a large improvment from 
> what we have now. And almost even fits on one screen. 

I think the task package approach needs to be fundamentally re-thought,
really.  At Progeny we're adopting the concept of "package sets", and that
should be public really soon if it isn't already.  I'll ask about it.

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