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Re: [PROPOSAL] Origin and Bugs support

On 25 Nov 2000, Itai Zukerman wrote:

> I think the package should be able to override any default origin
> data, not the other way around.

Yeah this isn't such a good idea. For instance I would tag some of my APT
builds to be

Origin: Debian
Bugs-To: mailto:apt@packages.debian.org

Which is clearly entirely reasonable and legitimate.

I do not think relying on /etc/dpkg/origin/ (Ugh gahstly name considering
this has nothing to do with dpkg..) for bugs submit data goes far enough.
Perhaps some network query and cache should be defined - or at least a
more dynamic means that does not require packages to be installed.

For instance, I could easially make APT keep /var/lib/.../origins up to
date every time you do an 'apt-get update'. That would be much better and
more reliable IMHO. 

The major reasons people objected to this before was because putting
'Bugs' information in the control file of every package really really
sucks :P

> Also, I think Origin: Debian packages should not specify a Bugs field,
> since bugs for all Debian packages should go to the default BTS URL.

This was brought up before too -- Debian packages probably should not be
tagged at all. Otherwise derived distributions will have to go and
unset/reset this which means a full dist recompile! 

Presumably there will be a default origin for exactly that reason..

Finally.. Why is this even Debian policy? Shouldn't in be in the packaging
manual? No Debian package is going to have it..


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