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Re: Discussion on IRC about policy

Manoj Srivastava writes ("Discussion on IRC about policy"):
>         Wichert suggested a meeting on IRC, for discussion about
>  -policy. The discussion is open to all comers (irc.debian.org), but
>  may be moderated and read only, on a channel to be decided.
>         Since Wednesday appears to be the earliest time that may work,
>  how about this:
>  Wednesday March 29th 
>         18:00 CET
>         16:00 GMT
>         10:00 CDT

1600 is quite inconvenient for me.  Would 1800 be possible ?

>         I must confess I am not sanguine about this. The positions and
>  arguments have been articulated on the mailing list. An irc meet is
>  useful if there is any ambiguity. or possibility of convergence of
>  views. I'm always willing to listen, and participate in a discussion,
>  but I feel that the positions in -policy are far enough apart, and
>  deeply enough entrenched, to mitigate much chance of convergence
>  through an informal chat. 

I think I agree, but,

>         I'm willing to be plesaantly surprised.

also with that.


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