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Discussion on IRC about policy


        Wichert suggested a meeting on IRC, for discussion about
 -policy. The discussion is open to all comers (irc.debian.org), but
 may be moderated and read only, on a channel to be decided.

        Since Wednesday appears to be the earliest time that may work,
 how about this:

 Wednesday March 29th 
        18:00 CET
        16:00 GMT
        10:00 CDT

        I must confess I am not sanguine about this. The positions and
 arguments have been articulated on the mailing list. An irc meet is
 useful if there is any ambiguity. or possibility of convergence of
 views. I'm always willing to listen, and participate in a discussion,
 but I feel that the positions in -policy are far enough apart, and
 deeply enough entrenched, to mitigate much chance of convergence
 through an informal chat. 

        I'm willing to be plesaantly surprised.

 Better hope the life-inspector doesn't come around while you have
 your life in such a mess.
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