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Re: priority of x-window-manager

From: Taketoshi Sano <kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>
Subject: Re: priority of x-window-manager
Date: 10 Mar 2000 14:20:19 +0900

> I think the afterstep package in potato has been enabled i18n option 
>  (configure --enable-i18n) since its version 1.6.10-1. see the BTS 
> about #38154.
> # It does not have a proper font setting at 1.6.10-1, so I added
> # them as default in my source NMU of 1.6.10-1.1.

Very sorry.  I did not check so thoroughly and I missed your

And thank you for your very detailed comments.

Best Regards,			2000.3.11

 Debian JP Developer - much more I18N of Debian
 Atsuhito Kohda <kohda@pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp>
 Department of Math., Tokushima Univ.

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