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Bug#53762: [PROPOSED] applying the FHS to packages that use X

Package: debian-policy
Severity: wishlist

This attempts to fit the X Window System as well as we can without
discarding the /usr/X11R6 hierarchy.

G. Branden Robinson            |    Human beings rarely imagine a god that
Debian GNU/Linux               |    behaves any better than a spoiled child.
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--- policy.sgml.orig	Wed Dec 29 17:01:51 1999
+++ policy.sgml	Wed Dec 29 17:47:02 1999
@@ -3157,23 +3157,34 @@
 	  <tt>/etc/X11/Xresources</tt> <em>file</em>.</p>
-	  No package should ever install files into the directories
-	  <tt>/usr/bin/X11/</tt>, <tt>/usr/share/doc/X11/</tt>,
-	  <tt>/usr/include/X11/</tt>, or <tt>/usr/lib/X11/</tt>; these
-	  directories are actually symbolic links, which <tt>dpkg</tt>
-	  does not follow when unpacking a package.  Instead, use
-	  <tt>/usr/X11R6/bin/</tt>, <tt>/usr/share/doc/package/</tt>
-	  (i.e., place files with the rest of your package's
-	  documentation), <tt>/usr/X11R6/include/</tt>, and
-	  <tt>/usr/X11R6/lib/</tt>.  This restriction governs only the
-	  paths used by the package as it is unpacked onto the system;
-	  it is permissible, and even preferable, for files within a
-	  package (shell scripts, for instance) to refer to the
-	  <tt>/usr/{bin,include,lib}/X11/</tt> directories rather than
-	  their <tt>/usr/X11R6/</tt> counterparts -- this way they do
-	  not have to be modified in the event that the X Window
-	  System packages install their files into a different
-	  directory in the future.</p>
+	  <em>Packages using the X Window System should abide by the FHS
+	  standard whenever possible</em>; they should install binaries,
+	  libraries, manual pages, and other files in FHS-mandated
+	  locations wherever possible; this means that files should not be
+	  installed into <tt>/usr/X11R6/bin/</tt>,
+	  <tt>/usr/X11R6/lib/</tt>, <tt>/usr/X11R6/man/</tt> unless this is
+	  necessary for the package to operate properly.  Configuration
+	  files for window managers and display managers should be placed
+	  in a subdirectory of <tt>/etc/X11/</tt> corresponding to the
+	  package name due to these programs' tight integration with the
+	  mechanisms of the X Window System.  Application-level programs
+	  should use the <tt>/etc/</tt> directory unless otherwise mandated
+	  by policy.  The installation of files into subdirectories
+	  <tt>/usr/X11R6/include/X11/</tt> and <tt>/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/</tt>
+	  is permitted but discouraged; package maintainers should
+	  determine if subdirectories of <tt>/usr/lib/</tt> and
+	  <tt>/usr/share/</tt> can be used instead (symlinks from the X11R6
+	  directories to FHS-compliant locations is encouraged if the
+	  program is not easily configured to look elsewhere for its
+	  files).  Packages must not provide the directories, or install
+	  files into the directories <tt>/usr/bin/X11/</tt>,
+	  <tt>/usr/include/X11/</tt>, or <tt>/usr/lib/X11/</tt>.  Files
+	  within a package should, however, make reference to these
+	  directories, rather than their X11R6-named counterparts
+	  <tt>/usr/X11R6/bin/</tt>, <tt>/usr/X11R6/include/X11/</tt>, and
+	  <tt>/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/</tt>, if the resources being referred to
+	  have not been moved to FHS-compliant locations.
+	</p>
 	  If you package a program that requires the (non-free)

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