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Bug#53761: [PROPOSED] revision of the Motif/LessTif policy

Package: debian-policy
Severity: wishlist

Semantic revisions.

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--- policy.sgml.orig	Wed Dec 29 17:01:51 1999
+++ policy.sgml	Wed Dec 29 18:02:39 1999
@@ -3175,33 +3175,25 @@
 	  System packages install their files into a different
 	  directory in the future.</p>
- 	<p>
-	  If you package a program that requires the (non-free)
-	  OSF/Motif library, you should try to determine whether the
-	  programs works reasonably well with the free
-	  re-implementation of Motif called LessTif.  If so, build the
-	  package using the LessTif libraries; it can then go into the
-	  main section of the package repository and become an
-	  official part of the Debian distribution.</p>
-	  If however, the Motif-based program works insufficiently
-	  well with LessTif, you should instead provide "-smotif" and "-dmotif"
-	  versions (appending these identifiers to the name of the
-	  package), which are statically and dynamically linked
-	  against the Motif libraries, respectively.  (All known
-	  versions of OSF/Motif permit redistribution of
-	  statically-linked binaries using the library, but check the
-	  license on your copy of Motif to be sure.)  This two-package
-	  approach allows users without Motif to use the package,
-	  whereas users with Motif installed can enjoy the advantages
-	  of the dynamically-linked version (a considerable savings in
-	  disk space usage, download time, etc.).  Neither "-smotif"
-	  nor "-dmotif" packages can go into the main section; if the
-	  licensing on the package is compatible with the Debian Free
-	  Software Guidelines, it may go into the contrib section;
-	  otherwise it must go into the non-free section.
+	  <em>Programs that require the non-DFSG-compliant OSF/Motif
+	  library</em> should be compiled against and tested with LessTif
+	  (a free re-implementation of Motif) instead.  If the maintainer
+	  judges that the program or programs do not work sufficiently well
+	  with LessTif to be distributed and supported, but do so when
+	  compiled against Motif, then two versions of the package should
+	  be created; one linked statically against Motif and with
+	  <tt>-smotif</tt> appended to the package name, and one linked
+	  dynamically against Motif and with <tt>-dmotif</tt> appended to
+	  the package name.  Both Motif-linked versions are dependent upon
+	  non-DFSG-compliant software and thus cannot be uploaded to the
+	  main distribution; if the software is itself DFSG-compliant it
+	  may be uploaded to the contrib distribution.  While known
+	  existing versions of OSF/Motif permit unlimited redistribution of
+	  binaries linked against the library (whether statically or
+	  dynamically), it is the package maintainer's responsibility to
+	  determine whether this is permitted by the license of the copy of
+	  OSF/Motif in his or her possession.

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